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Since 2001 Petroleum Accounting Consultants has been providing accounting and tax services to oil and gas operators.  Our services range from obtaining severance and sales tax refund for oil and gas operator to revenue distribution and joint interest billings.

Oil and gas producers face a number of complex accounting and tax situations unique to their industry. Complexities in the various severance tax and sales tax laws make it increasingly difficult to stay abreast of and take advantage of the various tax incentives. We provide our severance tax review service on a contingency fee basis so there is no risk.  We have recovered over $40 million in severance tax and sales tax refunds for our clients’ since 2002.  Our firm prides itself in being able to obtain the largest tax refund possible for our client’s with very minimal time required from our clients.

Refunds Filed Last 12 Months

PAC filed for the following refunds over the last 12 months February 2013 — $1,094,902.75 January 2014 — $1,084,479.69 December 2013 — $1,750,796.83 November 2013 — $84,000.84 October 2013 — $386,705.51 September 2013 — $1,653,457.43 August 2013 — $853,767.69 July 2013 — $1,473,212.36 June 2013 — $562,632.25 May 2013 — $517,465.20 April 2013 — $1,199,333.04 [...]

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Severance Taxes

An cost effective alternative to hiring your own accounting staff to complete your severance tax reporting requirements is to hire Petroleum Accounting Consultants, PLLC.

Our consultants can complete your severance tax returns and save you money on salary expense and payroll tax expense. More importantly our consultants are familiar with the various severance tax incentives offered by oil and gas producing states and can take advantage of them, which will save you money on your severance taxes.

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"I have been extremely pleased with results Petroleum Accounting Consultants, PLLC has obtained for my company. The professional and knowledgeable staff obtained a substantial refund of tax dollars that we would not have had the time or the expertise to recover ourselves.

In order for them to perform their review it took less than one hour of my time. All that was required of me was to show their staff where the well files were and they took it from there. They completed all the necessary filings with the state agency's to obtain the refund and all I had to do was sign the refund checks.

It has been a great pleasure to deal with Petroleum Accounting Consultants, PLLC and we will continue to use their services. I would strongly recommend that all oil and gas operators contact Petroleum Accounting Consultants, PLLC to perform a review of their severance taxes."

Centaur Resources, Inc. - Ernest G. Brewer Jr.

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